Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Consortium for Smart Energy Profile 2 Interoperability?

The Consortium is a collaboration by leading industry alliances sharing an interest in the Smart Grid and is specifically focused on developing consistent test and certification programs across multiple communications media to run the Smart Energy Profile 2.0, the leading Home Area Networking standard for Energy Management.

The Consortium itself provides a structure for a multitude of industries to come together to do work that will advance SEP2 interoperability, and by association adoption and the best user experience, with smart energy applications and devices.

Industry technology associations may join the consortium as Sponsors, Promoters, or General members. The consortium offers Sponsors and Promoters the opportunity to develop materials that advance SEP2 interoperability. General members may have access to final material developed by the Sponsors and Promoters.

What are the qualifications for Sponsor?

There are four mandatory criteria for Prospective Sponsor organizations:

  1. Be an industry trade association focused on supporting a recognized international standard MAC/PHY;
  2. Operate an established interoperability certification program for MAC/PHY with commercially available certified products;
  3. Have a demonstrated commitment to SEP 2; and
  4. Agree to certain policies, procedures, and fees as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time

The Board of Directors evaluates whether these conditions have been met.

What are the benefits to Sponsors?

Sponsors are industry associations. The Sponsors have the final authority in the Consortium. They provide oversight and authorizations for the Consortium activities. In addition, Sponsors also have the same participation privileges as Promoters.

What are the requirements for Promoters?

There are three criteria for Promoter members:

  1. Be an industry trade association or a governmental entity;
  2. Have a legitimate business interest in SEP 2 certification activities
  3. Agree to certain policies, procedures, and fees as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.

What are the benefits for Promoters?

Promoters are industry associations. The Promoters’ members may participate in and contribute to the work of the Consortium.

Do Promoters or Sponsors lose any Intellectual Property when joining the Consortium?

The Consortium does technical work under an Intellectual Property Rights Agreement. If companies contribute to the technical work they do so under the provisions of the agreement. However, all participants retain the rights to their technical work.

How does the Consortium work?

Industry trade associations join as Sponsors and Promoters members. Then, their respective members join the various CSEP committees and collaborate on the work of the Consortium using a coordinated set of processes, schedules, etc.

These members are typically commercial companies involved in various markets that range from consumer electronics, white goods, telecommunications, electric power equipment and distribution, etc. These organizations may participate through their membership in Sponsor or Promoter organizations. There are no fees for these organizations to participate.

How do I join?

If your industry group is interested in Sponsor membership in CSEP, please download and complete the questionnaire document:

Also, please download and review the Sponsor Membership agreement and the rest of the CSEP governing documents:

Contact us via email at to initiate the membership process or if you have any questions.

Note: the Consortium is not open to individuals or commercial corporations.

What Committees are there?

The Consortium Board of Directors oversees the operation of the Consortium and may assign any number of committees to aid the mission of the Consortium. A standing Technical Committee will oversee the development of the test specifications needed to certify SEP 2 products.

Will there be new test houses?

Each Sponsor will have the authority to qualify test laboratories to perform certifications according to the Test Materials. Qualified test houses will be able to certify equipment and use Consortium certification mark(s) to denote SEP 2 interoperability.

Will there be a Consortium Certification mark?

One will be developed by the Consortium. Certification mark(s) may be used by Sponsors, Promoters and General Members and their respective members in compliance with the usage guidelines and requirements of the certification mark(s).

Is the Consortium a Non-Profit?

The Consortium was incorporated as a mutual benefit non-profit corporation under California law.